Murano glass clowns

Murano glass clowns 

Murano glass clowns 

Fat ones thin ones short ones tall ones ashtrays pin dishes bottles  perfume sprays.

Love them or hate them class clowns have been with us since the 1960s
in the last few years there has been a sharp decline in their popularity 2013 has been no different.

Murano glass clowns 
I have been a collectable dealer for nearly 30 years and lately I’ve seen the price plummet.
To an all-time low I am having hole collections offered to me but the bad news is there only selling for £10-£15 each on a good day.

I have seen traders with them on their stalls at car boots for as little as 5 pounds each .

Which is really disappointing . if you realise how much of a skill is needed just to make one.

You may be able to get more into to days market for one playing an instrument of juggling a ball perhaps even a  pin dishes or a bottle glass clown.

Murano glass clowns 

They are a classic collectible which I hope will come back in vogue sooner rather than later

I think the markets have moved into the glass figurines that today can still reseal for £100
For a matching pair.

I still carry a few Murano glass clowns with me when I’m trading but all I seem to get is the classic comment

Murano glass clowns 
my gran used to have one of those I have been in the game long enough to know everything comes round in circles and if I had a collection to sell into this market I will just wrap them up but them in a box and wait for 

prices to rise or alternatively I will give you  £5 - $8 each for them.
I hope you have found this page on Murano glass clowns helpful and informative please feel free to leave your comments and I hope you have the time to look to read more reviews, on this  blog. Happy hunting
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  1. Hello I don't know how fast somebody will get to reading this but my name is Brian Buell and I came across a few of these I have like 12 I think from bowls to bottles to just figureings was wondering if anoboan could help me on findind a value on them or even if they are even real.. my phone number is 1815-894-2051, email ,thank you

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