car boot



Ayr car Boot is an old friend of mine I've been going there more years than I care to remember.

Over the years I've got to know a lot of the organisers and staff, so  its quite hard to do a neutral review but I will try my best.

 Ayr  is quite lucky as it draws on many caravan sites in the area I think in total there is 26. You also get a lot of day trippers from Ireland which can make it quite a busy place in the summertime.

From a collectable dealers perspective I do quite a lot of repeat business and often asked to source individual items for people. It also never ceases to amaze me the amount of items offered for purchase, from  German Lugers to Egyptian artefacts which have been greatly appreciated .

 2012 saw the undercover section re-opened which is a great bonus for those rainy days which coincidentally can be quite often on the West Coast of Scotland .

Trading Spaces are sold by the foot and in the summertime I have seen one or two arguments over trading Spaces if you’re thinking about giving this car boot a try in the summer months you need to be here for it  opening which is around 6:30 AM and if you arrive after 8 o'clock I've seen people being turned away
because the car boot is full.

It is opened right through the year from October you can arrive a bit later say after 8 o'clock you still get in okay.

There is a good strong market here for collectables especially for royal Doulton,  Nao, and lladros
and I've often taken in excess of £500 on the Sunday which is a good reflection of market trends in the West of Scotland.

I would fully recommend travelling a little bit further and give this market a go, and like me I’ll bet you want to return
.I would score this car Boot 9 out of 10.

I hope you have found this blog to be both informative and helpful please take the time to look through my other pages or leave comments.

Happy hunting from the coach


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