PART   1

This price guide has been compiled from a variety of sources, including several dealers' price lists and results of auctions on ebay. You will no doubt find pieces which are cheaper or more expensive than stated,                    

A= Angelique series HOLL* Holiday numbered SP= Special commissions
CLUB=Royal Watch Collectors' limited editions and exdusives
Club exdusives LBHG    Lord Byron's Harmony STJ = Small Treasure Jest
DIS= Disney Theme Park Garden TEF= The Elusive Few - the
exlusive LTD= Limited Edition rarest pieces
ELTj= Extra Large Treasure Jest LTJ = Large Treasure Jest TGP= The Garden Party
EVENT=Special Event pieces MTJ = Mini Treasure Jest Vi= Version 1
HC= Harmony Circus PDX= Paradoxicals V2= Version 2
HIJ=Hi-Jinx series RA= Romance Annual
HOL= Holiday time limited RLTJ= Rather Large Treasure
edition Jest


Name     Type                       Production             £   price                $  price
Albatross LBHG                 Apr '00               £29.50                   $45
Algenon STJ                         Jan '98                £29.50                   $45
Vi with email address  Dec 93                    £60                           $95
All Angles Covered ST)          Sep '94                 £24.95                    $35
All Ears ST)                        Dec '93-Dec '96 £130                  $210
All Tied Up ST)            Sep '93-Dec '96         £120                  $190
Alpine Flower LBHG          Jan '99               £29.50                  $45
Angel Baroque TEF    jun '96-Nov '97      £1,250                 $2,000
62 produced
Never released in the US and very limited UK release, this is one of the
rarest HK pieces
Antarctic Antics HI)        Aug '94-'98         £65                         $100
Antipasto STJ                        Jan *98-'99         £30                          $45
Aria Amorosa ST)              Jan '98-July '98         £30                         $45
9,555 released
At Arm's Length ST)        Sep '93-Jun '96         £225                 $350
2,029 released
At The Hop STJ                  Nov '95                £24.95                  $35
Awaiting A Kiss LTJ           Mar '91              £39-95                   $65
Baby Boomer ST)               Jan '98-'99        £60                         $95
Vi - Interior contains Baby kangeroo with teddy
V2- Interior has a pair of Boxing gloves        £30                         $45
Baby On Board ST)      Dec '93-Dec '97         £45                         $70
Back Scratch ST)              Dec '93-Jan '95          £2,500               $4,000
Only 554 issued. V Rare
Bamboozled ST)                   Jun '97
Vi-Bamboo shoots tinted                           £47                 $75
yellow and leaves green
V2-Untinted except for black Panda                  £29.50                  $48
Baroness Trotter TGP             Jan '96           £11.95                $19
Pendant box
Baroness Trotter LTD                                £49.50                $80
Limited edition silver pendant 5,000
Beak To Beak ST)                 Dec '95-Dec '97  £45                          $70
12,422 issued.
Begonia LBHG                Jan '98-Apr '00           £29.50                   $45
11,777 produced
Behold The King CLUB       Jan '98           £110                  $175
1998 Club redemption piece

Beware The Hare SP                                           £50                    $75
NALED/Parkwest exclusive Big Blue CLUB Jan '96/Jan '97 £205 $325
1996 charter year club exclusive redemption piece and 1997 redemption piece.
Bon Bon HOL 2,000                                £24.95                        $35
Bon Chance A                             Jun '96-        £24.95                       $35
Bon Enfant HOL Apr'96-Dec'96               £170                          $250
1996 Christmas box. 8,825 produced There are various versions .
Vi: Orange tunic, green wings,                            £225                  $350
yellow hair and gold applied to top of wings and cuffs
V2: Green tunic, yellow hair, gold cuffs and wings
with gold, yellow, red and green. Interior had
pillow with a heart and arrow.                               £160                    $250
Rare Red tunic:                                                     £650                      $1,000
Bozini The Clown LTD/HC            Jun'98           £19.95                          $30
Limited edition of 10,000 This ltd ed was one of the last pieces in the Harmony Circus which retired in July '98.
Name         Type                           Production                £ price             $   price
Brean Sands STJ J                                un '96                         £24.95          $35
100 pieces have a hand inside
                                                                                      £750              $1,200
remainder have a treasure chest within
A few hundred were produced in
Byron and BumblesCLUB                2000                            £58.95                 $90
Members only redemption piece
Cactus LBHG                           Jan '98                              £29.50                  $45
Cat Nap's Meow EVENT          '99'oo                                   £50                     $75
3,876 produced
Cat's Cradle SP                 Mar '97-Nov '97                           £210                  $340
l.ooo limited edition
Exclusive to Parkwest/NALED
Cat's Cradle Too SP       Aug '97-Dec '97                            £185                    $300
1,000 limited edition
Exclusive to Parkwest/NALED
Catch A Lot STJ                 Jun *98-'99                                   £30                    $45
Catch As Catch Can MTJ Jan 00                                        £19-95                    $30
Caw of the Wild STJ            June '99                                  £29.50                   $45
Celeste HOL              Apr '97-Dec '97                                £30                   $45
1997 Christmas box. 13,794 produced 
Changing Of STJ                    Jun '96                                      £24.95                     $35
The Guard
Chatelaine HOL             May'95-Dec'95                       £225                $350
1995 Christmas box 7,988 produced
Cherry Blossom LBHG     Apr '00                                  £29.50                 $45
of Japan
Christmas Bouquet LTD            Sep '99-'00                                £50                 $75
Limited ed of 5,000
Chrysanthemum LBHG         Jan '97-Jan '00                     £25.95                   $40
Chucky Pig TEF                           Aug '99                               £500                  $750
300 produced and given to
select retailers to auction for charity.
Close Shave STJ                       Jun '96-Oct '98                           £28                $45
Cookie's Jar STJ                  Jan'00                                        £29.50           $45
Cotton Anniversary CLUB    Jul '98                                          £30                    $50
Avail to Club members who
have been with the RW for three years.
Count Belfry TGP                     Jan *97-'99                                 £20                  $30
Courtiers At Rest TGP           Jan '96-                                          £14                 $19
Cow Town CLUB           2000                                         £58.95                  $90
Members only redemption piece
Cranberry LBHG          Jan '97-'99                                     £45                 $75
Creature Comforts SP          July'99                                      £125                $200
Limited edition of 1,000
Retailers exclusive partner piece
to Disorderly Eating
Croc Pot STJ                          Jan '98                                     £29.50                $45
Version 1:                                                                    £60                $95
Crooze Cat EVENT           Sep '99                                         £500                $750
739 produced for those who
went on the Primordial Cruise
Daisy LBHG             Jan '97-Oct  '99                                £30                 $45
Damnable Plot STJ              Jan '95- '99                                        £45                    $75
Danger's Darlings SP        May '00                                         £44-95          $75
Limited ed of 1,500 for retailers
as companion piece to Fishy Business
Day Dreamer STJ                   Dec '93-Jun '96                           £350                $550
4,247 released
Dead Ringer STJ                          Jan '99                                 £29.50               $45



  1. HI ,, Im looking to find out how much Candy the Bear and Pumkinfest are worth.
    they are approx. 18 years old.
    thank you

    1. Many of the Roly Polys can be had for 10-20 with shipping and that include Candy. Pumkinfest was produced in large number so 12-15 with shipping. So both pieces not worth much.

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  3. How do you know if you have a “hard body” version. How do you know if you have a USA or U.K. version.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.


  4. This info is worth everyone's attention. When can I find out more? itunes sign in

  5. A Hard Body is a Solid ONE piece roly poly, while the reguular editions are two piece 'box' figurines. Most Roly Polys had a hard body version with the exception of just a few (George & Tony, Candy...) and some Roly Polys came only in a hard Body, Chaney, Kennedy, Jabba...

  6. We have all of the nightmare before Christmas pieces and were wondering about their individual value.

  7. I have a very large collection (100+) of mainly Treasure Jests if anyone interested in purchasing....

  8. Can you send me a list of wanted pieces?I have SEVERAL pieces of HK from my mom's estate still in the box.Send to northjim58@yahoo.com.thanks

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  10. I have several pieces of harmony kingdom love each and every one of them. My mom bought the first piece for me and my late husband found the rest.

  11. Great job for publishing such a beneficial web site. Your web log isn’t only useful but it is additionally really creative too. Bring Collective conscious to love and harmony

  12. I am looking to sell lots of Harmony Kingdom. I have retired and variation pieces. I have original pieces too. This is all what I call the Ron Atlas collection, some of you may remember him.

    If anyone is interested in seeing what I have please let me know. Contact me at Ldatlas@mac.com or call...847-980-1211.

  13. I can’t find Entwined turtles anywhere and it’s in a fragile world box with the original
    Certified card. Does anyone know about this one at all?

  14. I can’t find Entwined turtles anywhere and it’s in a fragile world box with the original
    Certified card. Does anyone know about this one at all?

  15. I can’t find Entwined turtles anywhere and it’s in a fragile world box with the original
    Certified card. Does anyone know about this one at all?

  16. I can’t find Entwined turtles anywhere and it’s in a fragile world box with the original
    Certified card. Does anyone know about this one at all?

    1. My sister found one from a estate sale!

  17. I have bibbidi Bobbi do boo in Disney collection 87/400
    Also Y2Hk all in box new and with papers
    How can I sell and are they desirable still?

  18. I also have a few more Disney not in box but in new condition

  19. I have pride and joy tiger with cub only markings I can find are under cubs head. MERRY XMAS. 92 MARTIN
    not 100% on last 3 letters

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