About Me

About me

I've been selling  memorabilia antiques and collectibles for over 30 years now - markets, Auctions , fairs , car boot sales, eBay, even my own antiques shop's. It's not just a job - it's a passion, a hobby, a full time lifestyle -- as i'm sure anyone reading this blog will know!

I decided to set up this blog - to keep a record of what I've seen and learnt over the years, and to add to when i find out something new.

What i would really like this blog to become - is a way to share my experience and knowledge with everyone - but also get comments and feedback from readers - so we can learn from each other.

If you are just starting out in collectibles and antiques - Think of me as your Collectibles Coach! I'm here for you to ask questions, email, or if you are at one of the markets i'm doing - come up and have a chat .

 The number of years of being in the business - I'm sure i can help out a few of you newbies.

If you're more experienced in the subject - think of this site as a way of sharing your knowledge with the world - leave a comment - or make a guest post - Don't leave all them years worth of skills in your head! Get them on these digital pages for future generations.

Until the next post.. 

   Steve Thompson


  1. Hi, just wanted to know if you received my email regarding Brambly Hedge pottery.Thanks.

  2. Hi Steve - Hope all is good!
    I'm looking for adverts of footballs/soccer balls. Would you please alert me if you have any...
    All the best,
    Ian McArthur mcarthur4@tiscali.co.uk

  3. Hi steve
    I have 42 coalport cottages for sale. Can you give me any advice on what to do
    Thanks Anne

  4. My name is Antony Clapham. I've had this brass or copper John haigs Whiskey Ashtray. I've tried looking myself found similar. They seem tobe going up in price and I would be interested to know. If you would like to see it could you email