Royal Crown Derby Paperweights

Royal Crown Derby Paperweights

 has a fantastic reputation for quality the brand is renowned world wide. this is duplicated in their paperweight collection which consists of a striking array of both mammals and fish and birds.

All decorated in vibrant colours it really glimmers in the light and catch your eye I have sold a great many  in the past and see them as a strong collectible for the future.

The brand name alone will help sell them I would have no hesitation in recommending these as a purchase whether it be for investment or you want something to collect.

If you travel around car boot sales antique fairs and emporiums you will surely come across them.

I have seen them go for as little as £30 not boxed for a basic ones ,at the higher end of the range as much as a couple hundred.
They really are a delight to all and have on display .

 Every time I come across them for sale I always have to go back and take a second look.

They are very desirable and well worth a look if this is your first venture into collectibles .

My recommendations are always check the bottom of the pice and look for the ones with the gold button if you come across is silver one it means it is a second.

Royal Crown Derby paperweight is such a desirable collectible that even their seconds still sell and is an ideal opportunity to start collecting if the gold button ones just out of your reach.

Royal Crown Derby Paperweights

So much saw I have even seen unscrupulous dealers selling the gold buttons off damaged and broken paperweights so that sad individuals can try to increase the value of the seconds.

But please do not let this put you off going to antique fairs collectors fairs .talk to dealers you have seen there on other dealers selling paperweights and try and buy off   them.

 If you can get it for the right price. as it is not in their interest to  rip you off as they will be back again next month and believe it or not their reputation does matter to them good hunting from the coach

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