From 1894, when John Beswick first set up his business at Longton in Staffordshire until the early 1970s when it became part of the Royal Doulton group, the Beswick factory produced a vast assortment of decorative pottery. From the flamboyance of the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods to the distinctive styles of the 1950s and '6os, Beswick Pottery covered everything from ashtrays and novelties to tableware and vases. 



Large Teapot (shape 239) 1933-1970
Cream, light and dark brown £65
Hot Water Jug (shape 241)1933-1970
Cream, light and dark brown £65
Milk Jug (shape 242)1933-1970
Cream, light and dark brown £40
Open Sugar Bowl (shape 245)1933-1970
Cream, light and dark brown £30
Helio blue version (1930s only) - very rare
Round covered Muffin Dish (shape 248)1933-1969 Cream, light and dark brown and green £85


Sugar Dredger (shape 53)1938-1954
Cream, yellow, red, green, brown and black £60
Biscuit Jar with lid (shape 536) 1938-1954
Colours as above £75
Toast Rack, four slice (shape 540) 1938-1954
Colours as above £30
Covered Butter Dish (shape 538) 1938-1954
Colours as above £50


• Round Salad Bowl (shape 210) 1932-1971 (Second version 1971 only) Version one with solid green background, shaded green, white, cream or yellow-orange.
Version two opaque £60
Celery Dish (shape 220) 1932-1970 Background solid green, shaded green, white, cream or yellow-orange £25
Lettuce Toast Rack (shape 228) 1932-1968
Coloured as above £25
Tomato Cruet set, salt, pepper, mustard and base (shape 238) 1932-1970 Coloured as above £40


Two-handled vase (shape 21) 1933-1940
Assorted decorations - satin matt & white-matt £60-85
Vase (shape 46) 1933-1940
Colours as above £25-45
Rhos vase (shape 57) 1929-1937
Assorted decorations - gloss £45-75
Shell vase (shape 1186) 1950-1967
Satin matt, white or black matt, copper lustre £45-75
Skater vase (shape 1287) 1953-1959
Chartreuse, holly green or maroon - gloss £75-100


Girl with hat, wall mask (shape 277) c.1934-1940 Blonde hair, black hat and green - gloss £200
Red Indian wall mask (shape 282) c.1934-1954
Blue, green, cream and dark brown - gloss. White - matt. Coloured version £125
'Don't worry it may never happen' plaque (shape 724) 1939-1954
Multi-coloured border - satin matt. £40-65
Christmas plaque, England (shape 2393) 1972 Multi-coloured scene £35
'Mrs Tittlemouse at the Door,' Beatrix Potter plaque (shape 2685) 1982 White and pink striped dress with white apron; background greens and browns - gloss £150


Dog bookends (shape 87) 1934-1963
Satin matt. White - matt £85-125
Stand with mirror and polar bear (shape 287) 1935-1954 White bear on blue ice - gloss £100
Laurel and Hardy Cruet (shape 575) 1938-1968
Black, white, brown, with flesh coloured faces - gloss £75
Elephant toothbrush holder (shape 663) 1938-1954 Satin matt. Blue - gloss. White - matt £150-165
•Panda teapot (First version shape 742) 1939-1954 Black and white panda with beige/yellow bamboo shoot - gloss £165


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