Brambly Hedge Price Guide

 Brambly Hedge Price Guide

Price Guide 2015/16

ENESCO Resin Figures

Prices are approximately 25% less in value to the equivalent Border Fine Arts Items. The colors on some models differ from BFA equivalents.
Plaque £70-100
Four Seasons Music Box £30-40
tack in the Box musical £30-40
Four Seasons Musical £50-70
Treasure Chest musical £50-70
Water Ball £40-50
Four Seasons Book Ornament £35-40
Picture Frame £25-35
Apple Ornaments £10-15 each
Mug (Four Seasons) £10-15 each
Miniatures £10-15 each
Melamine Dinner Set £40-50
Pewter Figures
Poppy Eyebright, Primrose £25-35
Wilfred £10-20
Mrs Apple, Dusty Dogwood £35-40
Mr Apple £40-50
Miniature Pewter Figures £30-40
Tree Trunk Home (RARE)
Thimbles (Four Seasons) £24-35
Thimbles (Nursery Baskets) £25-35
Thimbles (Picnic) £35-45
Treasure Chest £15-20
Round Tins (4) £15-20 each

Medium Oval Boxes

Wilfred and Toys, Clover Toasting Bread £100-125 each
Picture Frame £100-125
Napkin Ring £50-70
Wilfred, Mr. Toadflax, Mrs Toadflax,
Mr Apple, Mrs Apple £40-60 each
Handcart, Hamper Set £30-40 each
Hamper only, Basket Set £20-25 each
Basket only £30-40
Goblets and Bottle Set £20-25
Set of Three Puddings £20-30


£80-100 each 


Large Round Boxes
Spring (Wilfred), Summer (Dusty and Poppy),
Autumn (Primrose), Winter (Mr Apple) £150-200 each
Medium Round Boxes
Mrs Apple and her Pot, The Wedding,
Dusty Miller with his Flour Sacks,
Poppy at her Cooking, Four Small Mice,
Wilfred by the Fire at the Store Stump £100-125 each
Tiny Round Boxes
Spring Flowers, Summer Bouquet,
Autumn Basket, Winter Snow Mouse £40-60 each


Primrose is Lost, First Taste,
Exploring the Nursery, The Engagement,
The Wedding, Wilfred Visits the Store
Stump (all light or dark wood) £29.99 each

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