Border Fine Arts Brambly Hedge Price Guide

Border Fine Arts Brambly Hedge Price Guide

Price Guide 2015/16

Store Stump Kitchen Collection
Mrs Apple, Lady Woodmouse, Primrose,
Wilfred £30-40 each
Mrs Apple in Rocking Chair £90-120
The Dresser £130-160
The Table £120-140
The Fireplace £130-160 Mrs Crustybread with Mixing Bowl,
Basil with Bottles £30-40 each
The Wedding Collection
Poppy Eyebright - Bride, Dusty Dogwood
- Groom £30-40
Dusty and Poppy - Bride and Groom £70-90
Old Vole - Minister £30-40
Floral Arch £130-160
Wilfred - Pageboy £40-50
Wedding Table & Canopy £130-160
Primrose - Bridesmaid £30-40
Mr Apple proposing toast £30-40
Conker - Best Man £40-50
Lady Woodmouse with cake £30-40

Midwinter Collection

Snowmouse £60-80
Wilfred Reciting, Primose Reciting £150-180 Lady Woodmouse in Chair, Lord Woodmouse
in Chair £180-200
Midwinter Tree £180-200
Midwinter Fireplace £130-160 Mrs Apple and Children, Basil Reclining £100-120
Nursery Collection
Lady Woodmouse & Primrose £120-140
Teasel, Wilfred Jigging £40-50
The Canopy Bed £130-160
Clover and Catkin £60-80
The Bunk Beds £120-150
Dressing Table £120-160
The Toy Chest £40-60 Wilfred - Teddy Mouse, Primrose -
Teddy Mouse £40-50


Wilfred (Spring), Primrose (Autumn),
Poppy Eyebright (Summer),
Mrs Apple (Winter) £80-100
The Picnic Collection
The Picnic Blanket £60-80
Wilfred with Toys £100-130
Mr Toadflax £40-60
Basil with Basket £40-50
Mrs Toadflax and Hamper £80-100
Mrs Apple and Wilfred £170-200 Teasel and Clover
Version 1 (red striped jumper) £120-150
Version 2 (blue stripes) £80-100
Lord and Lady Woodmouse Resting £150-180

Poppy's Babies

Poppy and Babies, Lady Woodmouse
Looking in Cradle, Poppy Asleep in Chair £50-60
Babies in Bath £40-60
Poppy Packing Nightclothes, Dusty
Pushing Pram £50-60
Rose in Cradle Money Box £25-35
Mice in Bath Water Ball £40-60
Poppy and Babies Bookends £130-180
Buttercup Picture Frame (Pink),
Pipkin Picture Frame (Blue) £25-35
The Store Stump Clock £100-120
Nursery Clock £80-100
Poppy's Babies Clock £50-70


Harvest Mice £130-160
Supper By the Fire, Snowy Window £130-160
Picture Frames
Wilfred Flies a Kite, 
Shrimp on the Sandcastle, 
Mr Apple at the Dresser,
Under the Bluebells,                          £30-40 each

Primrose in the Corn                     £30-40 each

Display Models

Kitchen Display,
 Wedding Display,                      £30-£40
Midwinter Display,
 Nursery Display


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