Royal Doulton Brambly Hedge Price Guide

Royal Doulton Brambly Hedge Price Guide

Price Guide  2015/16


The Four Seasons - Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
Powder Bowl £40-50
Footed Bowl £50-60
Gainsborough Vase, large £40-50
Gainsborough Vase, small £50-70
Petal Bowl £35-45
Hinged Box £45-55
Clover Box £40-50
Jug and Bowl £40-50
Picture Frame £30-40
Fruit Saucer £15-20
Miniature Trio £20-25
Teatime Set £30-35
Miniature Beaker £25-30

Picnic Series

Sandwich Tray £80-100
Gainsborough Vase, large £65-80
Wall Plate £55-75
The Engagement
Wall Plate £30-40
Trinket Box £30-40
Beaker £20-25
Teacup and Saucer £25-35

Breakfast & Teatime Series

Coffee Pot £70-90
Miniature Sugar £10-15
Miniature Teapot £25-35
Miniature Cream £25-30
Marmalade Pot ®45"55
Clock £35-45
Table Lamp £150-200

The Birthday

Trinket Box £30-40
Miniature Trinket Box £35-45
Child's teacup, saucer, plate £65-85
Miniature trio £50-70
Miniature Beaker £35-45

The Wedding

Miniature Beaker £35-45
Miniature trio £50-70
Miniature Trinket Box £35-45
Trinket Box £35"45


Wilfred £40-50
The Wedding £30-40
Basil £30-40
Primrose Sleeping £30-40
Clover Toasting £30-40
The Little Children £30-40
Mrs Apple £25-35
Lady Woodhouse £25-35
Four Seasons £5-10


Poppy Eyebright, Mr Apple, Mrs Apple,
Lord Woodmouse, Lady Woodmouse,
Dusty Dogwood, Wilfred Toadflax £25-30 each
Primrose Woodmouse £30-35
Old Mrs Eyebright £50-60
Mr Toadflax
Version 1 (tail at front) £1,000-1,200
Version 2 (tail at back, no cushion) £300-400 Version 3 (cushion replaced, tail at side) £30-35
Mrs Toadflax £50-60
Clover £30-35
Catkin £80-100
Teasel £225-275
Old Vole £175-225
Store Stump Money Box £175-225
Basil £150-200
Lily Weaver £150-180
Mrs Crustybread £150-175
Flax Weaver £150-180
Conker £150-180
Primrose Entertains £75-85
Wilfred Entertains £75-85
Mr Saltapple £35-40
Mrs Sattapple £30-35
Dusty and Baby £30-35


Gold Pendants Seasons £60-80 each
Silver Pendants Characters £80-100 each


1996 Teacup and Saucer £25-30
Wall Plate £45-55
1997 Teacup and Saucer £25-30
Wall Plate £35-45
1998 Teacup and Saucer £20-25
Wall Plate £25-35
1999 Teacup and Saucer £15-20
Wall Plate £20-25


Midwinter's Eve
The Snow Ball £65-85
The Discovery £65-85
The Entertainment £65-85
Candlelight Supper £65-85
Midwinter's Eve £100-150
The Interiors
The Store Stump £35-45
The Dairy £30-40
The Oak Palace £35-45
Crabapple Cottage £30-40

The Secret Staircase

The Palace Kitchen £50-70
The Great Hall    £40-50
The Grand Bathroom £45-55
The Forgotten Room £50-60


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