Collectible Vintage Watches

collectible Vintage Watches

Part 2

American company Hamilton had already designed an electric watch but their 'Pulsar' battery operated watch glowed red displaying the time in futuristic ..ambers. LED (Light Emitting Diode) watches were the precursor to the popular digital watch. In 1974 super agent 007 James Bond wore a Pulsar LED watch in Live and Let Die.

The spy who usually sported a Rolex was now keeping up with fashion and wearing the latest watch. In subsequent Bond films, the master spy sported a number of digital watches and for a while it seemed that the Swiss watch was becoming a thing of the past.

collectible Vintage Watches
The other problem is repair as there are only a handful of LED watch repairers out there and these guys are rather busy and expensive. When I buy a digital watch the first thing I make sure of is that everything works as any fault drastically reduces the price.

I also check for missing links in the bracelet. It seems that in the 1970s a lot of these watches were bought for teenage boys with thin wrists. These links can be a nightmare to find and changing the whole bracelet can ruin the appearance and authenticity of the watch.'

The good old mechanical watch soldiered on through all these changes and a 1930s innovation - the Jump Hour - was reinterpreted to help through this rough patch. This style gave an appearance similar to a digital reading, numbers were rotating on discs and appeared new and exciting. The majority of these watches were made merely as novelty or fashion accessories and quality varies. They can be found from under$80-£50 to & $800-£500 for better quality examples.

collectible Vintage Watches
The internet has become a great source for these watches. There are many dedicated online stores that sell interesting watches from this period. These owners are usually collectors and are passionate about their stock. This is a good thing as it means that  only shining examples are sold. Look out for the abbreviation 'NOS' which stands for 'new old stock'.

These are items that have languished in shop storerooms unsold. These watches were quite different to anything produced before as technology was an important factor in their overall designs. Their huge impact on the market will go down in watch history.

Their wild radical looks were so of their time that they grew out of fashion very quickly. This could be why so many new old stock items are about. However, this won't always be the case. There are collectors of these fun watches and rare pieces attract high prices.

A rare Lanvin model sold  for $3,000 £2,000. It is one of a handful known and its condition was superb. In reality this watch is still a good investment.It costs the same as an entry level Rolex and surely its rarity will make it worth its comparatively high cost. 2014 was a record year for watch retail and worth over 16 billion Swiss Francs to Switzerland alone.

collectible Vintage Watches

Today,battery and electronic watches are now in decline as mechanical watches are once again in vogue. High fashion brands are now plundering these 1960s and 1970s styles for their ranges.

Even the likes of Brad Pitt. David Beckham and Sylvester Stallone are self-confessed watch collectors. But you needn't be an A list celebrity to sport a stylish timepiece, a 1960s or 1970s space age watch can certainly make a great talking point that might even be clocking up the pounds if you wear it carefully.


collectible Vintage Watches
At the moment watches from the 1960s and 1970s are plentiful so always buy the best condition. Look for NOS (new old stock) pieces, they are pristine and can be very practical to wear every day. Do not assume a watch is waterproof even if it states so on the case. yard sales ,Car boot sales and antiques fairs can still turn up some interesting watches at bargain prices. Check that they actually work, especially chronograph functions, before you buy.

Watches that have unusual straps/bracelets can prove difficult to replace, bear this in mind when buying certain designs. Original tags and packaging adds value to a watch. Keep them safe, as they will help if you re-sell.

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