Collecting Tennis Memorabilia

Collecting Tennis Memorabilia 

The sport of Lawn Tennis officially began in 1874 and since those days the style of equipment, clothing and literature has changed as much as its icons. So there is a plethora of fascinating material in terms of general tennis memorabilia or collectibles relating to the sport's greatest players.


"Decide whether you want to be a generalist, gathering examples of items related to tennis, or a specialist, collecting only like ball cans, figurines ,postcards or tennis spoons & programmes

Collecting Tennis Memorabilia 

Top Tips
Buy the best quality items you can afford, paying special attention to condition. "It is wiser to spend more for an undamaged item than to purchase a less perfect 'bargain'. The exception, of course, would be if the item is extremely rare or the only known example.

Collecting Tennis Memorabilia 

New collectors 

Select an area of Lawn Tennis that has some personal significance for you. For example, if you have discovered an old tennis racket , you may want to acquire additional rackets that trace the evolution of the racket from the early days of tennis to the modern day hi-tech ones.

 One of the most popular collectibles are the rackets themselves. among the most sought after is the Hazells Streamline, or triple-branch racket, invented by former player Frank W. Donisthrope. Easily identifiable, unique in appearance but relatively difficult to find, the Streamline is highly sought after by collectors and can command high prices, depending on model and condition.  

Theirs also postcards relating to the sport of Tennis from the 1890s to the present day. These cards provide important documentation into the spread of tennis as a popular sport and vivid depiction of the clothing styles, tennis equipment and court locations of the time.

Memorabilia relating to contemporary tennis stars is readily available and, as a result, comparatively cheap. Calendars associated with specific players such as Martina Hingis, Andre Agassi, Steffi Graff or Pete Sampras will cost around £12 while an autographed colour photo of Martina Hingis, for example, will set you back about £30.

Collecting Tennis Memorabilia 

Finally, for the keen collector, the daily programmes for Wimbledon are a 'must have'. "Wimbledon is unique among the Grand Slam tournaments in that the draw sheet and results-to-date are contained within the official programme .

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