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Eternity at Denham car boot sale

This was my second visit to Denham car boot and once again I was not disappointed I found several items but it was a Eternity ring which turned out to be a good little earner for me.

Let take a look at Eternity rings.


Eternity ring evolved from the wedding ring. It can be described as a modern wedding ring, a dress/best wedding ring or an alliance ring and dates back to Ur 4,000 years ago. In the Elizabethan period some examples were made in the form of an encircling snake swallowing its tail - the endless or eternal loop being symbolic of eternal love. For this reason, many eternity rings are multi-stranded or plaited.

Whatever the type, their common feature is that they are stone set, often with diamonds .
The circle of diamonds is a potent symbol reinforcing the bond with a ring for eternity. Rubies, sapphires, emeralds and other stones are also popular, usually set with sparkling diamonds.

Although 'full' eternity rings are traditional, there are many reasons why they are not frequently seen. They cost two to three times the price of a similar half eternity, because there are more diamonds. Very few  jewellers keep a sample range in stock because they can't usually be adjusted for finger size. Even working out an estimate is a skilled and difficult task and merely quoting for one is costly.

 They can also be uncomfortable and the size of the stones that can be used is limited because of the depth of the shank between the fingers. A modern way is to set the diamonds as dots. However, a full eternity has the advantage that, if it turns on the finger it will always show a diamond facing upwards, and the turning of the ring helps it to wear more evenly.


Victorian and Edwardian brides were far more likely to wear a full eternity ring, as the hard wearing associated with cleaning and carrying might be done by servants. These rings have survived in good condition but may not necessarily stand up to the lifestyle of a working woman. They are best collected and cherished.

Many modern half eternity rings feature a raised 'head', moving away from the traditional idea of a wedding ring. There is a recent fashion for diamond-set wedding rings, which are closely related in style to eternity rings. Many women prefer to maximise the 'show' of the ring by concentrating all the diamonds in the visible head or front of the ring.

Claw settings have been more fashionable than other, more attractive and practical setting styles. Although there are many claw set eternity rings in service, a setting style where the stones are set into the metal of the shank, such as 'grain', 'flush' or pave are more secure.

At Denham car boot sale , no need to jump though rings to find a bargain 

 Brilliant cut diamonds are the commonest choice for solitaire rings, square or oblong stones can be an excellent choice for eternity rings, partly because they can be set edge-to-edge in a continuous band or line. Worn on the third finger, traditionally between engagement and wedding or betrothal ring, the eternity ring recommended position seems mostly dependent on its type and size.


Opinions vary widely as to an appropriate time for the giving and receiving of an eternity ring. De Beers and the Diamond Promotion Service advise the first wedding anniversary - it certainly beats paper!

Some believe they should be given to celebrate the birth of the first child - or even the firstborn son. Others choose the seventh or 10th year of marriage. Most eternities symbolise the continuation of the man's love for his wife; 'my love will run out at the circles end', which must mean eternity.

Denham car boot has provided me with a beautiful ring that I hope somebody  will treasure.

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