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Angel Delight at Wimbledon Car Boot Sale

    There seems to be a Christmas  theme going on for me at car boot sales  at the moment, following on from my visit to Battersea  Car Boot. I was only at Wimbledon car boot sale for ten minutes  when I came across four Swarovski angels for sale . I paid £100 no haggling as I was going to give them to my oldest daughter (Molly) for Christmas. Lets take a look at the angels.


It was 1996 that first saw the introduction of the Christmas Crystal Memories Angel. There was such a rush for them that Swarovski could not fill the orders taken before the end of the year and collectors were issued with dockets, which guaranteed their order was fulfilled the following year.

Just as in the Christmas ornaments, the angels are limited by time, not by number, only being available for the Christmas I period. The first angel is | approximately two and and half inches long and has her arms outstretched. The head, arms, legs and wings are 18 carat gold plated in every angel.


1997 Angel (Secondary Market Price £40)
The second angel differs in several ways. The angel's hairstyle is different and her face has her cheeks blown out as if she is blowing the trumpet that she is holding in her hands. Her dress is also a different design with
round 'puff' sleeves instead of the more oblong shaped ones seen in the previous year.


With her hair flying in the wind and holding a harp in her hands, this is the third edition and what everyone believed to be the last, as historically Swarovski Annual Editions have been produced in trilogies. 


This angel has curly hair and like the 1997 angel has a gold band underneath her puff sleeve. She is holding a flute. All the faceting on each of the angel's dresses is really lovely and these, as well as the Christmas ornaments, are far too nice to only come out at Christmas so why not display them all year round! Each of the angels comes in special packaging and
with a certificate stating the year and that they are limited editions. The Swan Logo and year can be found on the wing of each angel.

Why not visit  Wimbledon car boot sale  and see if there is an Angel watching over you.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all  my  readers  and Molly a very  Happy Christmas! 

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