Battersea car boot sale

Battersea car boot sale star attraction

On a recent visit to Battersea car boot sale I was happy to come across a piece of Swarovski crystal.

I knew it was a Christmas Star from the 1990's  but was not sure of its value. The asking price was £45, I offered the seller £35 knowing she would come back 
with a best price of £40. Which I gladly handed over.

Battersea Car Boot Find

A few days later when I returned home and began doing some research I was delighted to find out that the star was in fact one of the first Christmas stars  from 1991.

This is when the Christmas ornaments were first available in Europe (the U.S.A. starting a decade before) but interestingly, in 1991, there were differences between the European and the U.S.A. star.

Although the crystal has exactly the same design in both,  the European packaging and the metal clip and ribbon is different. The U.S. version comes in a square burgundy colored box with a matching ribbon on the star and has a smooth silver clip forming a loop where the ribbon is passed through. In the European version the box is  triangular and bright red with matching color ribbon and the metal clip is gold colored which has a bark finish. The year is etched onto the crystal.

2014  Secondary Market Value- European version £800 to  £1000  boxed 

Why not visit Battersea car boot sale, and see what treasures you can find .

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