car boot sale

Car boot sale

car boot sale

Ever thought of taking a stall and selling some collectibles? Make some cash and de-clutter at the same time! what about a car boot sale .  there comes a time in every collector's life when you simply have to sell. Buying is beautiful but just as powerful is the sensation of selling: it also has the added bonus of filling up your coffers whilst clearing the clutter.

Those who cannot bear the idea of parting with their precious possessions need to hang on to the thought that they are merely passing them on to collector cousins. This extended family flocks to car boot sales  offering an ideal opportunity to turn collectibles into ready cash. Taking a stall may seem daunting, but you do not have to be an expert - you just have to get organised.

Find a car boot sale

car boot sale
 there are numerous events in your area and you will find them advertised in your local paper, or study the back pages of Antiques & Collectibles magazine. It is a good idea to  check them out to ensure they are well attended and ask dealers if they will be returning next time, as this is the acid test. You need to discover the basic information including the times and cost, and bear in mind that it can be worth paying a bit more for a stall if the sale is bursting with buyers. Ask about "pack up" time, as you will be expected to stay for the entire day. Ensure the organizers provide you with a table, and ask if you are allowed to place an additional paste table beside it, as this will double your selling space and hopefully your profit.

Court convenience 

 There are other considerations concerning convenience like ease of parking for packing and unpacking and whether or not you will climb steps to reach your stall. You should also ensure that the organizers provide a chair, as a day on your feet can be   tiring. For your first time it is a good idea to share with a friend, as this will enable you to work shifts and take time to wander round and enjoy the car boot sale

Aim to stun

car boot sale

Take time to display your items attractively and make your stall as interesting as possible because the smallest details can make that sale. Cover your stall with a cloth as everything will look more tempting, and put matching colours together. Position a shelf at the back, it gives you more space and striking items can be shown off at eye level. Noise draws buyers and if you have a phonograph and "The Laughing Policeman" you will be laughing all the way to the bank. Another trick is to organise a box with a big sign "Everything for £1" as this will draw customers who enjoy a good rummage and a serious spend.

Price policy

Price things that you are selling in advance, so that someone else can watch your stall - in fact, some of my best sales have been made in my absence! When pricing allow a "haggle" margin, it is always good for buyers to think they have engineered a good deal. Do not be too ambitious about price, people like a bargain and you should be flexible. You may have to choose between two takes' - take less or take it home.

Dealers deal

As you are setting up your stall, a pack of dealers may swoop on your stock in a frenzied attempt to find the bargains. Expect this and savour it, because it will be the most exciting and lucrative part of the day. The trick is to be prepared with wrapping and change, and have your 'best price' on the tip of your tongue.

Collectors' talk

Be positive about the things you are selling. If you like  something say so and if there is a story behind it, don't keep it a secret. Collectors are easily hooked and your chatter about the chattels will secure the sale. People buy from people they like, so take an interest in your customers and you will find it doubly rewarding.

car boot sale

Check, check and check again 

 For older or collectible items, have them checked out by a local auction house or expert. Don't forget for every triumphant tale of buying a £500 item in a car boot sale for 50p - there is a matching desperate story of the person who sold it to them! 


    Car boot sale top tips

Price everything in advance with a small margin 

Decide on an amount for a float - £20 or £30 in change

Keep your float in a bag attached to you 

Take a pen, spare price tags and a cloth 

Take carrier bags and newspaper for wrapping 

Pack things in medium sized boxes so they are easy to carry

Pack your car with thought to what you need to unpack first
Take a book or newspaper to read 

Take plenty to eat and drink 

Take a cushion and a rug.  


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