November's birthstone is citrine, the lovely yellow-orange stone whose most popular aspect is its affordability.

If this is your birthstone, you don't have to restrict yourself to just one piece but can spend £100 on two or three smaller pieces.

The stone is not cheap-looking though, as it is rich in warm colour.

Its name derives from the French word for lemon, citron, although the sherry-tones are more valuable than the yellow colours. Shades range from yellow to reddish-brown.

When combined with amethyst or a smoky quartz the stones form the bi-coloured ametrine. Natural citrine is fairly rare because it is only found in small deposits.

These stones are much paler than heat-treated ones. Part of the quartz family, the stone is actually amethyst that has evolved through heat (either natural or man-made) to create citrine. Man-made gems have a reddish tint to them and mainly come from Brazil. Natural deposits are found in Dauphine, France, Madagascar and the Ural Mountains of Russia.

Citrine is seen as a very cheerful stone and is believed to protect the wearer from self-destruction, making it an ideal present both for those suffering from depression and those naturally happy.

It symbolises health and is believed to promote a healthy heart, liver, muscles, kidney and digestion.


A popular 13th or 17th anniversary present, the yellow- orange stone also symbolises fidelity and hope, as well as being said to help creativity and clear thought.

Citrine is similar in colour to the more expensive topaz, also used as a birthstone for November. Some dealers have been known to sell citrine as the more costly stone, although topaz colours tend to be richer than the more affordable citrine.


Yellow, yellow-orange, orange, yellow-brown, reddish-brown

Where mined

Brazil, Dauphine, France, Madagascar and the Ural Mountains of Russia
Alternative health

Believed to help cure depression and self- harm and to promote cheerfulness, a healthy liver, heart, kidneys and, when worn, to aid digestion

Best for your pocket! Citrine might be one of the cheapest birthstones, but it's also one of the most cheerful

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