famous animal artis

famous animal artists

famous animal artists

Cecil Aldin produced some of the finest images of rural England ever seen.

He worked around the turn of the 19th century and his output was prolific.

His paintings and prints were sold all around the world.

His prints and paintings of quintessentially English sporting and rural life were particularly loved in America, where they are still highly sought-after today.

This great British talent was born in Slough in 1870.

His father was a wealthy and successful Victorian property developer whose achievements include a remarkable school building in South Kensington, at which Cecil later became a student.

However, Cecil didn't follow in his father's footsteps, as it was apparent from an early age that he had more of a talent for painting.

famous animal artists

His artistic talent for portraying animals and rural life developed as a young boy, with hunting being his main passion.

As both a child and a man he was rarely seen without his sketchbook, capturing not just the image but its essence.

Artistic license

Aldin is famous for his portrayal of dogs, coaching inns, stagecoaches and hunting.

famous animal artists
His dreams were fulfilled when he became Master of the South Berks Foxhounds - he even had his own packs of harriers and Basset hounds.

Many of Aldin's works are humorous, for example, The Fallowfield Hunt, which was produced during his early teens, is known as one of his most humorous prints. Critics often say Aldin's kindness and good humour is reflected in his work.

Nick Potter, an Aldin dealer for more than 25 years adds, "The appeal of Aldin's art is a love of life,dogs, horses and all things of Old England. Many of his pictures are humorous but you are always laughing with people not against them.

The best original dog drawings can command the highest prices - large pastel portraits of gundogs, terriers etc. can be worth up to £25,000."
Some of Aldin's work can be found on china including pieces by Burleigh. But, as Dorothy Ritzema of Sundial Antiques points

famous animal artists

Aldin pieces are very collectable and can suit most budgets

out, these are extremely hard to find and are highly sought-after by collectors worldwide, so expect to pay if you find any at auction. Aldin also illustrated many books; his illustrations for Charles Dickens' Pickwick were very successful as were the ones for children's books.
famous animal artists

He also drew cartoons in newspapers and magazines and his watercolours are very collectable.

Change of career

Sadly, Aldin's artistic career ended when he could no longer use his hands due to arthritis later in life.

But this didn't stop the determined artist from making the most of his talents - he took to writing books instead and published many successful works, including Ratcatcher to Scarlet, Dogs of Character, and his autobiography, Time I was Dead (published by Charles Scribner & Sons in 1934).

famous animal artists
Aldin pieces are very collectable, and can be found to suit most budgets.

But, as Nick Potter explains, "Good condition is essential when buying the work of Aldin, and where prints can be found signed so much the better.

There are some fakes around - you have to see lots to learn."

famous animal artists
Cecil Aldin was one of the first artist to use purples extensively in his work, which gives all his sporting scenes a characteristic soft glow and became his trademark.

Whilst he painted 'serious' works, it is for the comic-touch of his hunting and dog pictures that he is most well-known and collected, with prices starting from as little as £20 for unframed prints. 

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