laser art

Laser Art

Crystal Laser Art is fast becoming the hot news in the world of collectables.

laser art

This innovative and relatively new art form never fails to captivate those who come across it for the first time all begging the inevitable question 'How is it done?'

The technique involved in creating a delicate three- dimensional image within the interior of a solid crystal block was first perfected by the Russian military during the cold war.

We believe the first use of this technology was for making cross hairs inside the lens of tank sights.

At the end of the cold war the various teams of scientists, who were no longer required by the depleted Russian Forces, and who were without a doubt some of the finest in their field, sought to take this pioneering technology to new heights.

By combining their expertise with the talents of a few select Russian artists a new and exciting art form began to evolve.

The resulting product- a simple but classic crystal paperweight with a mystifying three-dimensional image caught within it.

To describe the process in simple terms, a laser beam is projected at pre-programmed points into a solid piece of crystal, creating precise micro size points in the glass resembling bubbles.

In actual fact they are not bubbles but tiny inner destruction points.

These minute points are positioned close together and gradually form a perfect multi-dimensional image inside the crystal block, the facets of which remain optically clear and unblemished.

laser art

Over the last few years the concept has been developed and perfected.

Using the cutting edge in laser technology and CAD programming together with the ability, foresight and undisputed talent of the artists the quality of these enchanting images is second to none.

Only the finest optical crystal is used and each design is available in a number of different sizes.

The four standard cube sizes measure as follows:
Small (30x30x40mm), Medium (40x40x60mm), Large (50x50x80mm) and Extra Large (60x60x100mm).

laser art

Other specialist sizes are also available, including the impressive XX-Large block (100x100x150mm) which can be obtained by special order.

Prices typically range from £29.95 for the smallest cubes to £450 for the XX- Large block.

The laser art process has also made it possible to reproduce an exact replica of a photograph suspended as a 2-dimensional image in a crystal tablet measuring approximately 60x80x25mm.

This is a perfect way to create a permanent memory of a loved one, pet or to mark an event or occasion.

A personalisation service is also available should you wish to add text to one of the existing designs.

laser art
There are over 200 images to choose from in the Karina Kreations collection under a variety of categories to suit all areas of the collectors market.

Themes include Architecture, Animals, Flowers, Transport, Sport, Astrology, Musical Instruments, Mythology, History, Art, Religion, Science and Christmas.

These beautiful images will soon be available in crystal spheres a new concept that lends itself perfectly to selected existing images and has inspired ideas for many new designs.

These cubes and spheres are shown at their best when lit from below. For this reason and in reply to demand, rotating light units have been specially designed. These can be used with or without colour filters and are now available to buy powered by mains or battery.

For the serious collector a multi-display stand is also available.

The possibilities for this amazing form of art are endless and the resulting pieces are timeless and never fail to delight and amaze.

New designs are added to the collection every two months whilst older designs are retired, maintaining the Karina Kreations fresh and eclectic appeal.

laser art
We're sure that you will agree that this technology has brought a whole new dimension to the world of crystal collectables.

Karina Kreations collection, some of which you can see pictured here.

So now you have discovered Laser Art, you know its history, you know how it is created, you may wish to start a collection or buy someone a gift.

You can even commission a bespoke piece. Whatever the case may be you can be assured, when you see one of these captivating works of art for the first time, that you will not be disappointed.  

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