Mention collectible, Snoopy and Peanuts in the same sentence and it all becomes clear. The surreal charm of Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang has seen the comic strip appear in more than 3000 newspapers, over 75 countries and reach more than 350 million people worldwide fuelling a passion for many,

A Perfect Pooch

Their creator, Charles M Schulz, had been drawing Snoopy for nearly 50 years and decided to retire due to ill health. Snoopy, inspired by Schulz's own dog Spike, is the loveable, faithful flog of Charlie Brown. Sadlv, on the eve of Schul/'s last comic strip masterpiece to be published, he died of a heart attack, and never saw, what was to become his memorial piece, in print. The legend of his creation, Snoopy and the gang, lives on.

Peanut Pals

The characters are immortal and have been depicted on all manner of merchandise. From clothing to linen, paper to plastic, ceramic to glass the range is formidable and old and young alike will recognise that famous dog and his feathered companion Woodstock.  


 The growing interest in Peanuts memorabilia has collectors hunting for the rarer pieces, and moneyboxes are amongst them.

If your a collector based in the UK, it is more difficult to come across these pieces 'by chance'. There are the odd boot-fair finds and the occasional collector's fair, so how can you find that one piece to go with the set? On-line auctions definitely hold their place here and one of the most used sites is of course, Ebay. Those of you already familiar with on-line auctions will know that finding items can be exciting and rewarding, 


All Sorts

Several themes were produced, Sport, Fruit, Transport and Fast Food    to name but a few and they can be broken down as follows. Snoopy Sports Ball Series cl976 including bowling ball, soccer ball, basketball, american football and baseball. Snoopy Fruit Series c 1976 which includes orange, apple, lemon, banana, strawberry, and melon. Vehicle Series cl977 including Snoopy in his aeroplane Flying Ace, blue convertible car, motorboat as The Sailor. Snoopy Junk Food (ceramic) cl979 including hot dog, fries, ice cream and hamburger. so theirs lots for you to start collecting. 

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