DR  WHO  Daleks

DR  Who  Daleks

Doctor Who and his time travelling machine, the TARDIS, first appeared on BBC TV November 1963,

DR  WHO  Daleks
Doctor Who books, videos, and figurines, can all be found, but the  merchandising success story was the Daleks.

The first Daleks toy, introduced in 1964 retailed at 15 shillings and 9d and sold out within days.

Online auctions are a good place to hunt for such items, which usually sell for less than £50 $70.

DR  WHO  Daleks

Original palitoy talking Daleks from the 1970s are highly collectable, and fetching up to £150 hundred  $185 one of the most sought after Dr who items.

Is the 5 feet play suit launched for Christmas 1964.
Other collectibles include metal lapel badges showing the doctor in various other characters, given away in boxes of Kellogg’s cereals in 1971.

The Denys Fisher company produced a set of figures in 1974 showing the doctor ,Leela his assistant, a Dalek, the dog K9, a cyber- man, and the TARDIS.

Many actors have played the doctor over the years and everyone has a favourite perhaps the one they watched as a child, and some fans limit themselves to collecting items representing a specific period. In October 2003 the BBC announced it was developing a new serious of Dr who, saw interest in memorabilia of the timelord and his aliases look set for a boost for the future.

DR  WHO  Daleks
Sets of 50 Doctor Who Dalek trading cards issued in 1983 can fetch up to hundred dollars £80.

A rare Doctor Who projector by Chad Valley boxed in good condition sold at auction recently for £200 $240.

DR  WHO  Daleks

A life-size replica black Dalek displayed at it Doctor Who exhibition in 2001 also recently sold for £1000 $1250.

 Doctor Who set of videos featuring five different doctors in a limited edition pack will set you back £50-£65 $60-$80.

An audio cassette featuring the evil of the Daleks sells for £15-£20 $20-$25.
DR  WHO  Daleks

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