Beatles  Memorabilia

Beatles  Memorabilia

Beatles  Memorabilia
Their influences especially in the 1960s, have lead to a huge array of memorabilia which is very sought after, The Beatles burst onto the music scene back in 1962 and in doing so changed music forever.

Countless products bearing the portraits  were manufactured, from souvenir buttons and coins to dollies, serving trays, and even a yellow submarines by corgi,.

Because of the success it is highly likely that family members will still be holding on to memorabilia from the 1960s. And if so it could well be worth more now than the price that was originally paid.

Beatles  Memorabilia
With Collecting Beatles records,it  can be a minefield for collecting, example, the American addition she loves you  was released in 1964 and was pressed at several different factories, resulting in a number of label variations.

Beatles  Memorabilia
And to increase the confusion, the single was frequently forged an authentic sign she loves you usually fetched thousand pounds $1250 in condition sings adding greatly to the value.

Millions of Beatles records have been released over the years, so most are of relatively low value and really fetch more than $50 £40 but some are at least highly sought after by serious collectors.

For example, any record produced in small runs, such as promotional copies of singles used by DJs, have a high value, as do those withdrawn from sale, such as the yesterday and today, with the cover.
Showing the Beatles in butchers overalls with dismembered dolls, it is said that the band requested the cover as a protest at the way in which the American record company, capital was butchering their albums.
Beatles  Memorabilia

  A Beatles toy guitar will  fetch hundred and £50 at auction approximately $200 in mint condition.

And a painted plaster figure of George Harrison will set you back between 40 and $50.35 £50 a original jigsaw puzzle from the 1960s.

 In its box $ 80 to $120 a British Beatles talcum powder tin from the 1960s $40-$60, personal items that have been signed by the individually .

 Or by group members are the whole group can command extremely high prices, there is just so much out there to collect it would be wise to sit back and take some time and think witch  particular field you want to branch into whether it be autographs records signatures or toys the choice is endless.

I hope you have found this page on  Beatles  Memorabilia to be both informative and helpful.

Happy hunting from the collectables coach.

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