Blochairn Car Boot Review

 My memories of Blochairn car boot can stretch black for nearly 20 years.

And this review is my opinion of the car boot from the perspective of a collectables and antique dealer
from both a traders point of view and also that of a picker and member of the public.

Blochairn car boot is now run by Glasgow Council, and one of the few car boots where you can pre-book your pitch.

You have the choice of either indoor or outdoor ,.allocation of space is quite strict and has been the cause of many local feud.

Blochairn are the fruit market as it’s known as also, is well established and has all the facilities one would expect or need.

My first experiences of  Blochairn was over a decade ago ,  arriving at 4 AM in the morning and queueing up in the hope of securing a prime pitch, in them days there was always a buzz about the place lots of dealers and pickers.

I suppose in reflection blochairn was at its peak of trading from my perspective.

My last visit was in 2012, and not getting their till after 7 AM I was very much surprised by the amount of available spaces, although it had been a long time since my last visit my first impression was business as usual.

After about an hour it was quite apparent that it was changed days, although I was delighted to renew many old friendships with past dealers, the market had lost charisma and instead had become a sad reflection of its former self.

The vast majority of Blochairn is just market traders, and I suppose the market is just catering for the  demands for that kind of goods, as Glasgow has become a more multicultural society trends at this car boot have changed and the fast majority of the public are just looking for day-to-day goods to get them through their daily life’s.

  I spoke dealers from the past, who informed their takings are very poor and picking is not much better.

So i for one, will be in no great hurry to return and if Blochairn car boot were a dog the kindest thing you could do would be to take it to the vets and have it put to sleep.

For those of you who like Pound shops and sure you’ll be very happy to go and fill your boots
please excuse the pun.

Happy hunting from the collectables coach.

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