Coalport Cottages price guide

PRICES FOR 2015 /16                            

Coalport cottages

 'Summer House' (Style One in white with brown
window & door frames, brown moss, multicolored
flowers) 1964-1983 £110   -  $165

'Summer House' (Style Two in white with yellow
roof, gold outlines, lilac, green and yellow decoration)
Pastille Burners Series, 1992 (in limited edition of 500) £175  -  $310

'Umbrella House' Pastille Burners Series 1964-1990 £100 -  $150
'The Castle' (First Variation: Time - nine o'clock)
Pastille Burners Series 1964-1968 £225 -  $350

'The Castle' (Second Variation: Time - three o'clock)
Coalport cottages
Pastille Burners Series 1976-1981 £100 -  $165

'The Old Curiosity Shop' 1977-1990 £100  -  $165

'Shakespeare's Birthplace' 1981-1984 £165  -  $285

'The Clergy House, Alfriston' (commissioned by
The National Trust) 1986-1990 £150  -  $250

'Blaise Hamlet Cottage' (commissioned by
The National Trust) 1987 (limited edition) £150  - $250

'The Bottle Oven' (commissioned by Ironbridge
Coalport cottages
Gorge Museum) 1983-1984 £175 -  $350

'Old Town Hall Well, Bakewell' (commissioned
by Sinclairs) Derbyshire Wells Dressings Series,
1983 (in a limited edition of 500) £175  -   $350

'American Church' 1976-1980 £400  -  $600

'Belvedere' Collectors' Cottages Series,
1988 (in a limited edition of 500) £225   -    $450

'Barley Sugar House' Pastille Burners Series
1987-1990 £150   -  $225

Coalport cottages
'Anniversary Cottage' 2000
(in a limited edition of 1,750)   £135   -  $165

'Village Inn' Miniature Cottages Series, c.1980 £60  -  $90

'Bank Barn', Lake District English Barns Series 1987-1988 £90   -   $150

'Tiled Granary', Surrey English Barns Series 1987-1988 £90    -   $150


  1. I have loads of these. How do I go about getting the best price for them. Coalport cottages

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