Mr Jeremy Fisher

Mr Jeremy Fisher  

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Mr Jeremy Fisher Collectibles

It's not just her books that are collector's items, as sketches too fetch incredible prices. In 2003, for example, two of her early water colors were sold for more than £40,000 at Bonhams, New Bond Street, London. The pictures showing snow scenes with two rabbits wearing blue and red jackets are thought to have been painted in 1892 or 1893 but were never published.

Mr Jeremy Fisher  

 That same year, a visitor to the Antiques Roadshow was astounded to discover their collection of 23 Beatrix Potter drawings and water colors was valued at £250,000. The owner's grandfather had connections with   Beatrix Potter's brother. Many of the pictures pre-dated Peter Rabbit, and some were only half finished, which nevertheless didn't make them any less interesting.

For more modestly priced items, there's a huge range of Jeremy Fisher items to be collected in everything from silver to ceramics to soft fabrics.

guide prices from  2015
Mr Jeremy Fisher

Plaque showing Jeremy Fisher on a lily pad. Royal Albert Bone China, (1986) from The World of Beatrix Potter. This is one of a series of four. You would pay between £40-£50 for one of these.
Royal Albert Bowl. Quite a lot of these were made and can be picked up quite readily at around £10-£15
Jeremy Fisher with a fish figurine. Beswick (1999) - Jeremy Fisher catches a fish. Look out for figurines that have the 'V' cut out of the pond, which would be far more valuable
than the £90 asked for this figurine.
Jeremy Fisher with a sandwich figurine. Beswick (1950). This shows Jeremy as being quite spotty with stripy legs. If he'd had spotty legs, he would be Worth quite a lot more than the asking price of £75 for this one.
Mr Jeremy Fisher  
Jeremy Fisher with a pole on a lily pad boat. Border Fine Arts (1996). The Tale of Mr Jeremy Fisher BPM 56. Priced at £30.
If you've buying new, to keep as antiques and collector's items of the future, you might want to look out for these items:
The Tale of Mr Jeremy Fisher Centenary Edition, 1906-2006. The book, published by Penguin, has a gold foil jacket and is priced at £8.
Jeremy Fisher Figurine. This delightful figure shows Jeremy Fisher on his lily-leaf boat. Made from the finest glazed earthenware by Border Fine Arts, priced £20.
Jeremy Fisher soft toy, 30cm high,
complete with flowery waistcoat. A beautiful soft toy for children and collectors. Priced £22.
■ Jeremy Fisher Beanie is sure to charm children and adults, 20cm high and priced £10.

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