Collecting Advertising Figures

 Advertising Figures

When branding and packaging started  to catch the eye of consumers so did collecting

 Collecting can included practical items like water jugs and ashtrays as well as  advertising signs and posters. Free standing figures depicting characters which often became indelibly associated with one particular brand.

Many of these figures pertain to alcoholic drinks although there have been advertising figures for other areas the bubble-blowing boy of Pears soap, pastoral figures for Yardleys, horses for Elizabeth Arden and even the Dulux dog are perfect examples.


 Advertising Figures

Value depends on condition, materials and scarcity  although a small amount of damage will not detract from a rare item - and, with figures varying in height from 3 inches up to about 2 meters, size too can affect price.  it's still possible to buy one of the more common figures for about £50-$75 , and prices can rise to thousand £-$

Whisky Advertising

For example, the distinctive  dogs of Buchanan's Black and White Scotch Whisky, some with a built-in space to stand a bottle, are valued from £80-$120. A White Horse Whisky plaster compound figure 10" high £50-$80 . Dewars kilted figures, can sell for £70 -$100 and upwards , The Greenlees Clay more paperboy figure in porcelain, one of the more desirable figures, from £1,000-$1,500.

 Advertising Figures

 Guinness advertising

Guinness advertising figures have acquired cult status among collectors, a Penguin table lamp at £700-900,$800-$1200 a large Toucan with pint at £550-700-$700-900 and a Sea lion with globe at £450-550.-$600 900 "Guinness figures are quite expensive now , 

 Advertising Figures

Old our new, many advertising figures seem to have changed little over the decades. 

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