Marilyn Monroe Quote

 Marilyn Monroe Quote

' I have too many fantasies to be a housewife...I guess I am a fantasy ' 

Marilyn Monroe
Celebrity memorabilia is always big news at auction today, with fans seeking to identify with their idols on a more intimate level.

 A star with an appealing combination of sexual power and vulnerability, 'Blonde Bombshell' Marilyn Monroe combined a glamourous Hollywood persona with a troubled personal life.

 The particular poignancy of her short life has ensured her personal possessions have an enduring popularity at auction.

Monroe memorabilia doesn't come cheap, as the recent auction at Christie's, New York, revealed. 

This was a high-profile sale of 1,500 personal belongings, sold by Anna Strasberg, the widow of Marilyn's drama teacher Lee Strasberg. Such a large-scale auction of the personal effects of a single star is rare, and this event was accompanied by high security and media hysteria. 
Marilyn Monroe

Interestingly, such is Monroe's status as an international icon, that even the catalogues from the sale were becoming collectibles in their own right.

 An initial print run of 30,000 soon sold out, even at £50 a copy, and the sales of the catalogue from the first print run alone exceeded £1 million.

A relatively affordable way to start collecting Monroe memorabilia is with her autograph. 

However, autographs are still expensive - the tragic death of a star adds significantly to the value of an autograph, and Marilyn tops the list in this category.

 Values generally range from between £1,000-2,000, depending on the quality of the autographed item.

Less affordable souvenirs are Marilyn's possessions. 

A wide range of personal effects were on sale at the Christie's auction.

Marilyn Monroe
 One of the star attractions was her wedding ring from Joe DiMaggio, offered with an estimated value of $30,000-550,000.

 Even with one of its 35 diamonds missing, it eventually sold for an incredible $772,500 (£468,000).

Other items on offer ranged from the domestic, to the ultimate in glamour, and included books, saucepans and clothes. 

Her first edition copy of Jack Kerouac's classic novel, On The Road had a pre-sale estimate of $1,000- $2,000 and sold for $12,000, while her Le Creuset saucepans made $22,000 (estimated value $600-800).

Marilyn Monroe

Monroe's clothes do come up at auction occasionally.

At Bonhams, Knights bridge, a monkey fur jacket belonging to the star recently sold for £1,610.

 However, it is her identifiable,'special occasion' outfits which attract most interest.

 The dress she wore for her show-stopping performance of 'Happy Birthday Mr President' was the focus of intense publicity.

 The dress was specially designed for the occasion by Jean Louis, a Hollywood costumier, and perfectly captures Monroe's attitude towards her clothes: 

'I like to be really dressed up or really undressed. I don't bother with anything in between.'

Marilyn Monroe
In May 1962 she was sewn into the stunning flesh-coloured, jewel-studded dress and was driven to sing felicitations to President Kennedy at Madison Square Garden in New York.

 Not surprisingly, it aroused great interest from collectors all over the world and the dress, which back then cost $12,000, sold for the world record breaking sum of $1,267,500 (£758,000). 

The new owners of the most expensive dress in the world, Peter Siegel and Robert Schagain of'Gotta Have It', a memorabilia store in Manhattan, were reported to be delighted with their 'bargain' purchase.

Another collecting option is ephemera such as scripts and personal letters. In Some like it Hot, with Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon, Marilyn oozed charisma.

 Her script for the film where she proved her capability for comedy for the first time was on offer for $6,000-8,000 and sold for $45,000.
Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn's most personal possessions were disposed of at highly inflated prices in New York to hundreds of eager collectors who wanted a little piece of her life to treasure at home.

 There is no doubt that Monroe memorabilia will be a regular feature of celebrity auctions of the future as the glamour and sadness of her life intrigue collectors into the 21st century.

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