Still in the ownership of the descendants of its founder, Springbank was built in 1828.

The original buildings are still in use, as are its floor makings and cast iron mash tun. An ancient and unique wash still heated by both steam coils and oil fires employs a rummager' to prevent the yeast scorching on the base of the still.

This continually exposes small areas of clean copper in the still and may affect the flavour. Other unusual factors are a worm tub on the No 1 spirit still and the use of a third, 'doubling' still (ie two spirit stills), although this is not truly triple-distillation, since not all the spirit is distilled three times.

Springbank is all matured and bottled in situ, without chill-filtration.

Reduction is done with production water, at 12 Years (at both 46% and 57%) and 15, 21, 25, 30 Years (all at 46%). Springbank ages wonderfully.

An extremely limited West Highland Malt 1966, made from locally grown barley will shortly be released. | & A Mitchell also owns William Cadenhead Ltd, the independent bottler which has specialist whisky shops in both Edinburgh and London.



Prop @15 Years (46%): Amber coloured with a rich, spicy, slightly toffeed nose and some peat-smoke. The mouthfeel is smooth and dense; the flavour rich but fresh, with distinctly characteristic saltiness and a savoury/sweet balance. The finish is long and slightly briny.

SMWS @32 Years (52"..): The colour of tawny port, shot through with henna, and an aroma to match - more prune wine than port, and with a light salty note. Fantastically mellow and rich; layer upon layer of complex, dark scents all perfectly interlocking. Viscous and sweet to taste, with exotic musk, holy smoke and a twist of pepper.

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