Winston Churchill  memorabilia

Winston Churchill  memorabilia

Winston Churchill  memorabilia

Has inspired more commemorative wares than any other political figure. His long life and many accomplishments ensure that there is a huge variety of items.

Winston Churchill  memorabilia
Churchill, born in 1874, is greatly admired for inspiring the nation 
to victory during World War II. Many people began 
collecting Churchill during or just after the war.

 Churchill died on 24 January 1965, and more than 350 million people in Britain and around the world watched his state funeral on television.

Pieces produced to commemorate Churchill's wartime leadership, as well as his political life and his death, are sought after. 

These will often fetch higher prices than tributes to his earlier activities, or items produced 'in memoriam years after his death. 

Winston Churchill  memorabilia

Look for imagery that shows Churchill as he is remembered by the public: with 'bulldog' features, thinly smiling

 or showing gritty determination, or perhaps resplendent in top hat 

and tails.

 Toby jugs, which are as quintessentially English as the man 

himself, are among the most popular Churchill collectables.

High prices are paid for anything that was owned or used by Churchill (his cigars included), or items otherwise directly associated with him - but only if they come with a reliable provenance.
Winston Churchill  memorabilia

Collectors' Tips
  • Focus your collection on a specific event or milestone, such as Churchill's death

  • Look for pieces made around 1941 and 1942. Although unpainted because of wartime rationing, those for the home market are still collectable. Pieces made for export to America are colored and often more expensive
    Winston Churchill  memorabilia

  • Snap up inexpensive pieces showing him


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