Old Stamp

Old Stamp

Old Stamp

 PHILATELY the collection and study of postage stamps, is a long-established pastime which is as appealing to the beginner on a limited budget as it is to the serious specialist with thousands to spend.

 The first-ever stamp, the Penny Black, was issued on 1 May 1840. Despite its legendary status, it is not rare: around 1.5 million survive. A used stamp can he bought for £20-60, but scarce, unused examples can cost .£1,000 or more. The Two-Penny Blue, issued a week later, attracts similar prices

. A global phenomenon As such a huge variety is available - more than 350 authorities issue stamps worldwide - collectors often focus on one area, for example stamps of the British Commonwealth. Stamps bearing the head of a British monarch provide a fascinating document of the history of the Empire.

Old Stamp

Many can be found at low prices: a 1938-44 one-penny George VI stamp from the Gold Coast costs no more than lOp. Generally, the more valuable postage stamps are those w ith it high face value, as they tend to be rarer. Important details The history of cancellation marks - or postmarks, which are placed over stamps to indicate that they have been used - is studied by many enthusiasts.

 Numerous cancellation marks were made for propaganda purposes, such as the St Lucia - Liquidation of the Empire' mark, which can add around £10 to the value of a stamp.

 A rare printing or cutting error can increase a stamp's value. The value of a 1955 one-penny stamp is usually negligible, as it is common, but a small number had perforations cut 6mm CAin) too high, so the bottom of the design appears at the top of the stamp.

Old Stamp

These can be valued at about £30-45.Check stamps on wartime correspondence for any unusual, seemingly trivial details, such as the type of perforation, as these can make a big difference to their value.

The wrapping of parcels is also a good source of unusual specimens because their weight necessitates the use of rarer, higher-value stamps. All about image Traditionally, stamps issued by the Royal Mail must not feature images of living people unless they are members of the royal family.

Old Stamp

 There was an uproar in 1999 when Roger Taylor, the still-living drummer for the rock band Queen, was visible next to the late Freddie Mercury on a stamp from the Entertainer's Tale series.

 Since then the rules have been relaxed and the footballer David Beckham appeared on a British stamp issued in 2002. Nowadays, you can even stick yourself onto an envelope.


Old Stamp

the Smilers range of stamps include a feature whereby your favourite family photographs can appear alongside the main stamp image. These have proved popular and some have rocketed in price in recent years. A sheet of 10 Christmas 2000 Smilers stamps can sell for up to .£80-120.

 Variations on a theme Occasionally, the Royal Mail issues a variation, such as a range of stamps with slightly different perforations from previous issues.

 Collectors often remain unaware of these variations until they appear in the Stanley Gibbons catalogue, the indispensable reference for all philatelists, by which time they are no longer on sale.

The subsequent high demand pushes prices up. One example is the 2001 Submarines booklet of six first-class stamps. Two commemorative stamps were self- adhesive, whereas the ordinary stamps were printed on gummed paper. These booklets now sell for £50 or more.

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