Elvis presley  the king

Elvis Presley  the king

Elvis presley  the king

dominated the pop charts in the
1950s and his movie-star status in the following decade created a multi-million dollar industry, generating a wealth of memorabilia - from wrist watches to Christmas cards - for his fans and enthusiasts to explore.

As well as records, items including badges, watches, and postage stamps have been adorned with Elvis Presley's image. There's even a Monopoly game based on him. If you know fans who followed the star during his lifetime, find out if they have any memorabilia: it might be worth

Elvis presley  the king

The King

Presley was brought up in a poor working-class family in Tupelo, Mississippi, where he was influenced by the pop and country music of the time as well as the gospel music in his local church. In 1953 he paid $3.98 to make his first record, 

My Happiness'. The following year he signed up with the Sun Records label in Memphis, Tennessee, and his singing career began in earnest, managed by the self-styled 'Colonel' Tom Parker.

Presley's bluesy vocal style, sexy image, and electrifying live shows opened up a new era in popular music and culture. In 1956, at the age of 21, Elvis had his first US No.l hit with Heartbreak Hotel'. In the same year lie broke the UK charts and made his movie debut in Love Me Tender.

Elvis presley  the king
In 1958 Presley was called up for military service. While this interrupted his career as a live performer, it heightened I lis appeal among his legions of fans. Items used by Elvis during his army service are extremely rare, but Tom Parker produced a run of ankle bracelets with replica Elvis Presley army dog tags', which can be found for less than £20.

When he left the army, Presley embarked on his
Hollywood years': he made 27 movies between 1960 and 1969. Original Elvis movie posters and lobby cards are highly sought after and can fetch upwards of £100.

The Vegas years
Elvis presley  the king

After an 11-year hiatus, Elvis returned to live performance with the 1968 'Comeback Special'. This final period of his career was characterised by

Elvis remains the undeposed 'King of Rock 'n' Roll'. It is estimated that he has sold more than one billion records, and his Memphis mansion Graceland

extensive touring and his downward spiral into obesity and ill health.
Elvis played throughout the USA in the 1970s but was particularly popular in Las Vegas, where the glitzy atmosphere suited his style. Souvenirs from his Vegas shows, such as the menus printed for his two- and four-week residencies at the Hilton Theater, are highly collectable. Presley died at his home, Graceland, Memphis, in 1977 at the age of 42.

Sweet charity
Elvis presley  the king

Items that belonged to or were used by Presley are far more valuable than the merchandising. In 1999, at a charity auction of 2,000 items from the Graceland archives, a set of balls from Elvis's billiard table fetched $7,500 (£5,000), his old football helmet sold for $10,000 (±6,700), and a credit card raised $11,000 (£7,300). Even a receipt for a TV set went for $650 (£450).

Elvis presley  the king

Sun singles

Prices for Elvis memorabilia may level out as lifelong fans get older, so it is essential to invest carefully.


Elvis presley  the king
Personal items are valuable if the link can be proven beyond doubt, and any merchandise from the 1950s will command impressive prices.

Souvenirs produced since Elvis's death are less likely to fetch large sums of money.

The collectables market is swamped with Elvis Presley's music. Most of his records are worth less than £50,with some fetching as little as £2-5.

Among the most valuable items are mint-condition Sun singles, which can sell for up to £2,500. But, none of Elvis's LPs reaches these dizzy heights: the rarest can sell for around £500.


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