Designer Hand Bag

 Designer Hand Bags

 Designer Hand Bags

Handbags capture the glamorous fashions of the past century.

A Hermes 1950s Kelly bag can be worth more than $1000 but many desirable bags cost much less than a $100.
 Designer Hand Bags

Handbags have grown in size and complexity in proportion to women’s independence.

In the early 20th century, most women were largely financially dependent on men.
Handbags were correspondingly small and dainty, as they needed to hold very little.

Some were so tiny that they could be clipped to belts are dangled from fingerings.

The most popular style from this period were the drawstring bags and square flat bags with a chain handle.

Both types were often made of Saturn are leather but most of the examples that survive are of fashionable

beadwork, or metal mesh, which is like a delicate chain mail.

 Designer Hand Bags
Floral patterned beadwork bags generally cost between $1-$200, but rarer designs, such as those with and unusual beadwork  pictures,  tend to be slightly more valuable.

Mesh was some kind chemically tainted or decorated with enamel discs.

Most mesh bags, made from a base metal, fetch between 100 and $200, rarer gold and silver examples are usually worth substantially more.

 Designer Hand Bags

By the 1920s a growing number of women were earning their own money, which give them more independence.Meanwhile smoking had become a fashionable pastime and the use of cosmetics was all the rage.

This resulted in a trend for larger bags, to accommodate the necessities of women’s busier lifestyles.

 Designer Hand Bags
Daytime bags were made of cloth and leather, while glamorous brightly coloured beadwork bags with Art Deco patterns were favoured for the evening.

 Designer Hand Bags
Clutches bags without handles were predominant through out the 1930s.

 Designer Hand Bags
These were some of the first women’s bags to be given interior divisions to organise their contents.

Clutches came in many sizes and in simple, geometric shapes.

Some examples can be bought for less than $100 but expect to pay more for fine quality materials.
 Designer Hand Bags

Simple, modern designs were sometimes given an exotic twist with materials such as snakeskin, finally made bags of this type may sell for more than $150, while standard pieces often start at around $50 seek out models with brightly coloured detail is such as clips in plastic as they can add to the value.

 Designer Hand Bags


World War II limited bag production in Europe, so most surviving 1940s bags come from the United States of America which was less affected by rationing.

British bags of the time were often made at home from items such as old clothes.
Colourful felt applique bags, made from recycled fibre, were another wartime choice.

These inventive bags tend to be less costly than those of the 1930s, as they are often inferior and less attractive.

 Designer Hand Bags
In the 1950s, austerity gave way to frivolity and unabashed elegance.

Novelty bags were the latest craze especially in the USA from wicker bags with felt fruit to rigid plastic box shaped bags in bright colours.

The latter were mostly made from an early transparent plastic called Lucite, and are much sought after with prices starting at the around $200.

 Designer Hand Bags
The Hermes Kelly bag [named after Grace Kelly] was hugely popular for dressy occasions, and is possibly the best-known and most luxurious bag in the world.

Genuine examples can command prices of more than $1200.

The 1960s youth quake favoured futuristic designs and ethnic declarations.

Enid Collins wooden boxes and Emilio Puccis psychedelic patterned bags are among the most desirable examples from this era and often fetch around $50-$400 depending on the condition, design and rarity.

 Designer Hand Bags
In the 1970s with the advent of the woman’s liberation movement, tote and shoulder bags became popular as particular alternatives to the briefcase.

As with bags from the 1960s, many items are usually available for less than $50 although those by well known names will usually be worth more.

In the 1980s and 90s women rose to top positions in businesses for the first time, and indulged in expensive outfits and luxury handbags.

 Designer Hand Bags
These status bags from elite makers are highly collectable in the current brand conscious age.

Names such as Gucci were popular in the 1980s, and the Prada rucksack was a highlight of the 1990s.

Both often sell for more than $100, look to for glitzy, witty handmade evening bags from the 1990s.

One top of the range examples is Judith Liebers crystal covered animal handbags, known as Minaudieres, which often fetch around $400 $1,000.
 Designer Hand Bags

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