Vintage Perfume Bottles

Vintage Perfume Bottles

Vintage Perfume Bottles
Perfume bottles have a powerful allure.

From the sparkling flasks of the 1900s to the doves of peace on the stoppers of post war bottles they capture the mood of the moment, with plenty of quirky flourishes to adorn the dressing table.

In the 19th and early  20th century, fragrances were generally light and refreshing.

They were sold in plain packaging, then transferred to more attractive cut our tinted glass bottles for use  and display on the dressing table.

In the 1920s several leading Parisian perfume s such as Coty, began to offer new perfume is in art decor bottles.

Vintage Perfume Bottles
The bottles were made by top glassmakers such as Lalique, and were designed to complement the new more sensual fragrances.

By the late 1920s many women aspired to warn a bottle of French perfume.
Paris couturiers, such as Poiret, launched the first designer perfumes to reach a mass market.
Orientalism, then a fashionable style, inspired many perfumes and the bottles, including Guerlains,
Shalimar, which was named after the goddess of Shalimar in India.

The classic Chanel number five bottle has hardly changed since 1921, so even early examples are inexpensive.
Vintage Perfume Bottles

During the 1930s streamlined modernist designs captured the public’s imagination and perfume came in minimalist bottles, such as Patous joy Surrealism also provided influential, Elsa Schiaparellis perfume shocking, introduced in 1937 was inspired by the movement and sold in bottles shaped like a dress makers dummy.

After World War II there was a taste for ladylike clothes and sweet fragrances, such as Miss Dior, which was launched in 1947.

These perfume is came in bottles reminiscent of Victorian fashions.
Tips for collectors.

Vintage Perfume Bottles
In pre-world War two bottles, look for novelty designs, are established designers, are a bottle that reflects its period.

Keep current bottles that are celebrity endorsed or innovatively designed these may become collectables of the future.

Favour bottles that are full of the original perfume, and still in the box.

I hope you have found this page Vintage Perfume Bottles to be both informative and helpful.

Happy hunting from the collectibles coach.

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