Vintage Teddy Bears

vintage Teddy Bears

vintage Teddy Bears
Vintage Teddy bears have comforted the young since the early 20th century, but now they can offer financial solace too, vintage beers may fetch thousands of pounds, post-war miniatures, promotional bears can be found for much less.

The special appeal of Teddy bears is that each one has its own characteristic charm.

Enthusiasts  may benefit from learning to recognise shapes and forms of different makers, but Cuddle

vintage Teddy Bears

appeal should not be under estimated.

Original pads, eyes, and stitching and intact Fur are all desirable.
Also vital are size, maker, and condition.

Pre-World War I bears are rare and expensive, even inter-war bears fetch high prices, especially those by German makers such as Steiff, Gebruder being,Schuco.

Prices start at -round $300-$400 for a 1920s or 30s bear, rising to $10,000 or more.

British bears made by Chiltern Toys, Deans rag book co, and JK Farnell can fetch $200 to $600 dollars or more.

Chad Valley and Merrythought bears usually cost upwards of a hundred dollars, depending on age, size, and condition.

Small, much loved bears with balding fur and replaced parts, eyes and noses usually sell for well under $100, unless made by a well-known manufacturers.

vintage Teddy Bears
Steiff bears are the most sought after they are usually solid and well stitched, with thick mohair, long, slim bodies, and elongated arms, large feet, a hump back, and pointed nose.
They have a Steiff button in that ear are a haul way it once was.

Unusual colours or variations add value, such as the rare centre seam bear which can fetch up to $5000, every seventh there had a sseam down the centre of its head, to avoid fabric wastage.

Bings push covered days from the 1920s usually include a mechanical element and often more smart outfits.
vintage Teddy Bears
Many Schuco bears of the 1950s were able to not their heads in a yes no fashion.

British bears tend to be dumpy, with short arms and legs, and flat face.

The nose and snout, and the paw detailing, can help with identification for Chiltern bears often have shaved muzzles.

vintage Teddy Bears

Look for Chiltern Hug -mee  mohair teddies from the 1920s to the 1960s these can fetch $100-$200 or more.

Quick tips for hunting bears.
Beware of fake logo buttons.
Check pads and pause to see if they are worn.
Get to know features of well-known makers.
Last but not least always sniff the bear it’s impossible to fake the smell of age.

I hope you have found this page on vintage Teddy Bears  to be helpful and informative.

Happy hunting from the collectibles coach.


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