Haig whisky

Haig whisky

Haig whisky

Haig Whisky
has a long association with Scotch whiskey spanning more than 300 years. The first reference linking the Haig  family and distilling was the apprentice of Robert Haig before the court in session in 1655 when he was accused of operating is still on a sabbath.

Haig whisky

Many farmers operated their own stills and the beginning of the Haig tradition is believed to have started with the purchase of forming land in Scotland.

Haig whisky

The distilling enterprises blossomed when Robert Haigs great grandson John married into the Stein family who owned a number of distilleries and pioneered the sale of Scotch whiskey to London.

While each of Johns sons help continue the families whiskey making tradition it was the work of his younger son William which led to the creation of the house of Haig.

He took over a distillery at seggie and the control of it went over to his younger brother Robert.

Williams oldest son John established his own distillery at Cameron Bridge and set about building up its reputation.

Haig whisky
Haig Scotch whiskey engaged the famous Carlton ware  factory to produce whiskey water jugs displaying there famous labels branding the  jugs have red background and black handles.

They can be picked up from £10-£20 each, they are sought after by whiskey collectors and Carlton Ware collectors.

He also engaged royal Dalton and wade, waller and co., To produce their advertising on their range of ceramics. You will also find brass ashtrays for £15 and £10 will buy you a bar tray.

The famous Haig brand is a must have for the series water jug collector especially when in the form of Carlton where ceramics
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