Buchanan  whiskey

Buchanan  whiskey

Buchanans black and white Scotch whiskey label is arguably one of the best-known in the world.

The blend behind the label hads its origins in London where James Buchanan first set up business on his own in 1870.

With some experience as an agent for Leith  whiskey blenders Mackinlay and Co, Buchanan arranged financial backing from a friend and was soon taking orders from the London cigar and wine merchants.

Buchanan began trading by the barrel and soon recognised the potential for bottled whiskey and set about perfecting a blend to suit the English palate.

Some of London’s most prestigious hotels and restaurants soon carried the Buchanan blend along with the members bar at the house of commons and the London musicals stocking their brand.

The blend went through a series of name changes before settling on the black and white label which was registered in 1904.

 The years between 1890 and 1914 saw Buchanans business prosper and develop.

 Royal orders for black and white along with red Seal label came repeatedly from King Edward the Prince of Wales.

The popularity of the product spurred the brand similar success in USA, New Zealand and South Africa, Germany and Canada.

Quality, salesmanship and a head for business stood Buchanan in good stead.

He recognised the need to handle the product from start to finish and in 1898 built his own (state of art) malt distillery. He later acquired 2 more distilleries.

The black and white label went hand-in-hand with quality, and Superior marketing that ensured Buchanan Whiskey on  going success.

He was among the first whiskey makers to use  newspaper advertising and his own delivery vans, complete with immaculate groomed horses the brand became distinctive on the streets of London.

I have added some photos of the Buchanans range of advertising products.

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