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Welcome to Collectibles Coach

I've been selling  memorabilia antiques and collectibles for over 30 years now - markets, Auctions , fairs , car boot sales, eBay, even my own antiques shop's. It's not just a job - it's a passion, a hobby, a full time lifestyle -- as i'm sure anyone reading this blog will know!

I decided to set up this blog - to keep a record of what I've seen and learnt over the years, and to add to when i find out something new.

What i would really like this blog to become - is a way to share my experience and knowledge with everyone - but also get comments and feedback from readers - so we can learn from each other.

If you are just starting out in collectibles and antiques - Think of me as your Collectibles Coach! I'm here for you to ask questions, email, or if you are at one of the markets i'm doing - come up and have a chat .

 The number of years of being in the business - I'm sure i can help out a few of you newbies.

If you're more experienced in the subject - think of this site as a way of sharing your knowledge with the world - leave a comment - or make a guest post - Don't leave all them years worth of skills in your head! Get them on these digital pages for future generations.

Until the next post.. 

   Steve Thompson

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