water jugs



Black and white  water jugs come in a variety of sizes another great collectible for the new collector to get his teeth into black and white whiskey have cleverly used the dog’s far their brand logo.

You can collect them in a range of varieties from individual jugs or as complete sets.

I am of the opinion best way of collecting whether it be whisky ceramics of coins is not to collect multiples of the same item in the same brand.

There is just so many black and white whiskey water jugs you would have Cabinet is full and am quite sure that they will continue to reproduce them in every guys profitable. So unless you are dedicated to just one brand I think it would be wise to good collect water jugs.

To think about maybe one or two from each distillery this way you would get a good range of both colour brands and sizes but you could also consider collecting single malt whiskey jugs or maybe you may prefer to collect Irish whiskey jobs.

But please consider the amount of space you will require as I do not think it would take too long before you running out of house space. Black and white whiskey dog water jugs can be picked up at car boot sales for around about 5 pounds each some of the real rarer ones pick up from £20. 

I often see people advertising  jugs on websites for hundreds of pounds all the prices that I quote
what I have bought and sold whiskey jugs for in the past years.

I often think of whiskey as a man’s collectible and as such I think the future is always going to be rosy


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